About Julie Le Cornu

[At the printers with grandchild number one]

I love my family, love this wonderful planet that so many take for granted and love continuously learning. I sometimes eat the ‘wrong’ food, I enjoy a glass of wine with my friends, and  I feel for every animal on this earth, which is why, in my early 50s, I became a vegetarian.
When I was around 5 years of age, I remember reading a book where the character always looked on the bright side of life. I vividly recall closing that book and thinking ‘wow, that is so true! We choose how we look at things!’ How much did this book shape me and my perspective on the world? I truly believe that thanks to this book, I am, to this day, an eternal optimist.

All my life, I have looked at situations, assessed them, and wondered how I could explain them to a child. Thankfully, having five children of my own, has given me enough story-telling practice! I believe that imaginative tales are the answer; stories with morals and lessons to help mould inquisitive and insightful little minds.

I believe it is important to question things and use your own moral compass to govern what is right. Many moons ago, when I was told one of my daughters needed to take medication for life to combat her constant migraines, my automatic reply was that yes, this is one option, what other options are there? In this instance, we sought another opinion and her migraines were eliminated by simply relieving pressure from her neck. My daughter hasn’t had a migraine since and I dread to think of what her life would have been like if the question wasn’t asked; what else is possible?

Over the years, when putting my children (and now my grandchildren) to bed, they would often ask me to make a story up for them. I loved watching their minds tick over while ascertaining the moral of each story. Finally, after much prompting by my three daughters, (thanks girls!), I put pen to paper writing and illustrating stories told over the decades.

My goal is to end up with a set of books which help you, the parent, grandparent or friend, to teach children how to juggle the many situations that life will throw their way. I wish to cover as many emotions as I can, from loneliness, searching for happiness, being responsible with pets, to seeing that greed can make you blind to life.

All written and illustrated with love and good intentions.